Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Monthly Manicure: October

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A NEW TOPIC. Starting this month, I will post every month a 'manicure of the month'. Since I am not a hero when it comes to applying nail polish,  all tutorials will be very simple and easy to recreate. Curious what this months manicure looks like?
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


While I am sitting here, with a mud mask on my face, spa-socks on, sipping my new favorite raspberry-mint tea, I realized how much I miss the summer. Or just two weeks ago (when it still was warm here in Holland).

I had to think about a past Saturday when Max asked me to help him shop for new clothes. As the good girlfriend I am, I agreed to some student-budget-shopping and helped him with my knowledge. Okay, so that is not entirely true. The "good" deed was pure selfishness. I had my eyes on the Balmain Hair Couture line and made a promise to myself to get the Texturizing Salt Spray that weekend. And it just happened to be so, that the only place I could buy it, was Amsterdam. So I tricked him into doing a little shopping for my own sake, which was not part of the plan. That sounds so bad.. However, it was a beautiful sunny day, it was still light until 9 'o clock and it was quite hot. Equals: an unofficial last day of summer. We spent the day shopping, watching people, drinking coffee and of course, taking food off a really great italian place (thanks Floortje!). We also decided to walk to the other side of Amsterdam instead of taking the tram. Or I forced Max.. It is just how you like to interpret it. Okay, so in all seriousness, I hate public transport and I love to walk trough a beautiful city on a warm evening while the sun is disappearing. Who doesn't?

And now I am sitting behind my desk, practicing french for a big (and first) test this Thursday.. It is raining, a lot to be precisely, and I think it is also getting really chilly. Yes, you are sensing a little autunm-sadness. This also has to do with the fact that I have my fall break next week, and I am supposed to be exited. Well, I AM NOT. After my so called fall-"break" I have my exams. Immediately. Which means that I need to dedicate my whole fall-break to geography, chemistry, a lot of french literature and the mistakes within politics. This also means, that my frist real break will be somewhere around Christmas. I am getting anxious now.

- I couldn't decide between the coat and the stole at Zara. Now I  prefer the stole, it is a perfect fall replacement for a jacket. They also have it in black. What are your thoughts?- I got this beautiful Balmain nail polish as a gift. It has been my favorite ever since. It has a nice matt finish.- A delicious Nutella waffle and a cappuccino in a little street next to Kalverstraat.  

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hello Ears!

EARRINGS. So I shop quite a lot.. Lately I never passed by Zara without getting something (of falling in love with something). So a couple of days ago my mom basically prohibited me to get one more thing from the Zara. According to her, I was over-"Zara"-ing which basically means that I buy too much not-so-long-lasting items just because they are cheap. I had do agree with her, and so the last week I purchased my last two items for the upcoming season. And I think I did well..

Monday, 29 September 2014

Confessions Of A Hoarder

My collection of school diaries, all from BLOND AMSTERDAM. They always make me smile! That little pastry is a little towel that my mom got me 7 years ago if not more.. I never wanted to open it because I think it is too pretty.

"It is time for change" is what I told myself while I threw all my makeup on my desk. That was just the beginning. You know how they say that one goes trough different phases in order to become an independent adult? Somehow I am so aware of all these changes, and I think it is pretty awesome. Just like yesterday. Out of nowhere, I figured that it would be a good idea to throw away my empty mascaras and old lipglosses. What escalated to a therapeutic session.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Zebra Legs

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Knit - ZARA, Tights - Wolford, Bag - Leghila

TIGHTS SEASON. Hey you! How have you been? I hope that you have had an amazing week since I have not. I am feeling so under the weather, and that is exactly why I have not been productive. On top of that, I have a hard time combining blogging with school, because I have such weird school hours. Talking about school: I have so much work to do.. I have spent the last few evenings in bed watching TEDtalks video's on how to learn a language quickly. Did you know that it actually only takes 20 very motivated hours? So I asked myself: What have I been doing the last six years practicing/learning french? At the moment the only thing I am very familiar with in french is ordering a baguette. And macarons. Embarrassing. There was a time in my life (somewhere in my fifth year of high school) where I was able to have a whole conversation in french. Only a year passed by and I am back to - baguette -. Talking about a long term memory. *ahum*

I will try to post more often, as I always say. It makes the whole proces so much easier. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Leopard Dress

Dress - Zara, Tights - Wolford, Jewelry - Vintage/By Mother Nature, Shoes - Guess, Bag - Sophie Hulme

First of all: sorry for my absence lately. As you might know, my school started a few weeks ago and it finally got to me. At the moment I am dealing with a sour throat, and I sound like a 60 year old male smoker. Hmm.. Maybe it is an overstatement. Oh well.. Besides, I spent Friday and Sunday in my bed, catching up with some much needed sleep. So as you might understand, there was barely time (and motivation) to blog. But I am back! I will spent this week trying to figure out how to combine everything.. Wish me luck!

So whenever I deal with a little stress I shop. Such a bad habit. The result? I have so much to show you guys.. What about a collective haul? This dress was one of my better purchases, it was under 10 euros in the Zara sale. Talk about a deal!

Soon I will catch up for real, as I am (surprise surprise) in a hurry at this very moment!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

RAW Choice Shoot

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Photography - Joni Doris, Makeup - Mandy Lauf, Hair - Kaylee Hendricks, Jewellery - By Mother Nature

BY MOTHER NATURE. What I have been doing these past days? Okay, I have to admit that I haven't been doing that much interesting activities but I modeled for a very cool shoot! It was for a upcoming jewelry brand called BY MOTHER NATURE, for their RAW Choice collection. The jewellery is mainly made out of natural materials, and always has a unique twist thanks to the wonderful designer, Annette. Take the time to check the brand out! I am a fan.